Sozopolis celebrated its 3rd Birthday


Sozopoli’s 3rd birthday celebration was accompanied by a lot of good mood, music and dancing, under the sound of the breaking waves. The event was held on the 4th of July and special guests were the popular Bulgarian singer – Vasil Naydenov and an exclusive collection of Ulysse Nardin luxury watches.

“Sozopolis” Resort is designed and built as a perfect replica of the Old Town of Sozopol with its typical architecture, unique style and atmosphere. The project’s architectural team received recognition for their work and professionalism by the Union of Architects in Bulgaria – awarded once every 20 years.

Sozopolis” is a “closed type” complex which provides all the amenities of the property owners and their guests, materializing the idea of a new lifestyle, uniting tradition and modernism, luxury and history, freedom and romance. Archaeological excavations of monumental value are preserved within the complex – Thracian sanctuaries dating back more than 2500 years. The village has a natural source of mineral water with healing properties.

A pound net is set up alongside the coastline of “Sozopolis” and the fishermen are an inseparable part of the complex’s everyday life.

Here you can feel calm and relaxed, stroll along the market street, visit the galleries and small boutique shops, taste the various culinary delights at the restaurants, enjoy a treatment at the SPA and all of that while admiring the breathtaking panoramic view and the dance of the waves.