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Welcome statement by Mr. Stefan Sharlopov to clients and partners:

Стефан Шарлопов

Dear friends,

I have the honor and pleasure to address you, as our esteemed customers, and welcome you once again! Welcome to "Sharlopov Group" – the brand which brings together all the companies owned by the Sharlopov family. 

The idea for its creation comes from the active and consistent expansion of the company’s business activities in a wide range of industries. By developing the brand "Sharlopov Group", we guarantee our customers and partners high quality services in all our companies.

The brand “Sharlopov Group” unites the corporate values of all our companies in a single idea. The idea of dynamic development, innovative thinking and inspirational opportunities. Here at "Sharlopov Group" we constantly observe and strive to enrich our traditions in the field of corporate social responsibility through various initiatives at both national and local levels

I am happy to know that the high standards and quality of our products, as well as the professionalism in service and continuous striving for innovation are highly appreciated by our customers.

Dear friends, welcome! We are expecting you in your Home away from home!”

By developing successful brands like "Devin", "Royal Cake" and "Sharlopov Hotels", some of which already sold to foreign investors, we have built trust and loyalty in our relations with customers.

Sharlopov Hotels (now Sharlopov Group) is the first private Bulgarian hotel chain. The company was established in June 1999 with hotel and restaurant management along with tour operator services being its main scope of activity. Sharlopov Group is the only company in Bulgaria that offers to its customers and partners cultural and historical tours throughout the country combined with ski tourism, health and SPA tourism, conference tourism, eco- and rural tourism, and accommodation in hotels, apartment complexes and eco-houses – all property of the company. A high quality standard of hospitality services at competitive prices are both guaranteed in all hotels of the chain.

Sharlopov Group is also the first Bulgarian hotel chain that has expanded its business in Europe by opening a four-superior-star “Palmenwald Schwarzwaldhof Hotel in Freudenstadt, Baden-Württemberg, Germany in April 2010.

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