Eco Houses Bozhentsi

Bozhentsi is a village with over 600 years of history. It is a monument of the Bulgarian National Renaissance architecture. The village is nestled in a beautiful valley on the northern slopes of Central Stara Planina mountain, at an altitude of 750 m, 16 km east of Gabrovo and 31 km away from Veliko Tarnovo. Near the village there is a preserved ancient Roman road in direction towards Gabrovo and just across the forest begins the Tryavna eco trail.

The legend about the founding of the village tells about a boyar woman called Bojana, who has left the pillaged capitol of Veliko Tarnovo with her sons and brothers 6 centuries ago. Together they settled among the ancient forests and built a settlement the still carries her name. Typical for the houses in Bozhentsi are the numerous verandas, stone slab roofs, corner fireplaces and the woodcarvings on the ceilings.

Sharlopov Group eco houses in Bozhentsi village are an excellent example of how man can live in peace with nature. Here you can indulge in relaxation and sightseeing, in beautiful nature landscapes while your mind in transferred in ancient times, inspired by the influence of the incredible Bulgarian Renaissance architecture.

Enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee on the wooden porch, take a walk among the stone bridges and authentic workshops with typical Bulgarian souvenirs and rose oil and taste the variety of local cuisine specialties and aromatic Bulgarian wines. Don’t miss on the authentic homemade banitsa (bakery with cheese), halva (walnut cake), homemade yoghurt and coffee on sand. Stay in Sharlopov Group eco houses and enjoy the comfort and hospitality of an authentic Bulgarian home.

Sharlopov Group eco houses in Bozhentsi village offer year-round exciting opportunities for:

  • Eco tourism
  • Cultural and historical tourism
  • Rural tourism
  • Knowledge tourism
  • Village tourism
  • Religious tourism

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